Make Your Home Unappealing… To Burglars

Burglars don't generally target the first location they find. Rather they look for locations with appealing features. While most policyholders take pride in maintaining the exterior appearance of their home, they may unknowingly send an invitation to criminal elements that no one wants to host. We encourage you to consider the following steps to limit your home's criminal appeal:

  • Outside lighting and motion sensors illuminate vulnerable areas. Both inside and outside lights can deter criminals and give appearance someone is home.
  • Limit large bushes and shrubs next to windows and doors. These types of plants provide hiding places for thieves to watch your home and activities.
  • Security cameras and alarm systems are always great deterrents. Yard signs and warning labels help keep potential intruders away.
  • Keep outside the house tidy and don't allow mail and newspapers to pile up.

Burglars prefer houses that present the fewest obstacles to making a quick hit. Sometimes just a few simple steps are key to keeping your home and family safe and secure.

Article from Loss Crontrol Specialists Mutual Safety news & views Spring 2022 Edition

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