Fire Safety Checklist

With fire risks being higher in rural areas, what is at stake when it comes to fire and safety on your farm? Taking extra precautions ensures the safety of your livelihood. Completing this simple checklist monthly will help you stay one step ahead of a potential loss.

  1. Is wiring free of damage and unexposed? Inspect all wiring regularly. If there are concerns, contact a licensed electrician.
  2. Are electrical outlets, panels, fans and lights clean and free of debris and corrosion?
  3. Are exits clearly marked and pathways cleared?
  4. Is machinery maintained, cleaned and free of combustible materials and buildup?
  5. Is there a class ABC fire extinguisher placed by each exit of all buildings? Extinguishers should be serviced yearly.
  6. Are flammable liquids, fuel and oil kept away from any heat source and stored and labeled within an approved non-flammable cabinet?
  7. Are heat lamps securely placed, cleaned and hung by proper chains?
  8. Dryers, within any confinement building or outbuilding, must have their exhaust vented to the exterior of the building. Check regularly for lint buildup.
  9. Inspect building for structural integrity. Trusses, posts and exterior walls should be inspected for potential stress or damage.
Checklist is provided from RAM Mutual Insurance Company Flash Points Fire Safety Checklist- November 2020

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