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Fire Safety Guide: Fire Prevention and How to Prepare for a Fire Emergency

Waking up to smoke and flames is one of the worst things that can happen to your family and home. Over 365,000 fires and 2,650 civilian deaths occur every year, resulting in $7 billion in property damage. The worst part is that most home fires are preventable. Keep your family and your home safe with just a little fire…
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Ice Dams & How to Remove Them

Ice dam is a solid ridge of ice that forms on the edge a roof The state of Minnesota typically experiences harsh winters that involve below freezing temperatures, cold winds, and blizzards.  As many homeowners in the area already know, the weight of the snow and ice from a major snowstorm can put a lot…
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Electrical Fires Ignite Losses

In 2018, the U.S. Reached Record-high electrical use, generating almost 4.18 trillion kilowatt hours of electricity. And as people use more electricity to power their appliances and devices, they also increase their risk of an electrical fire. In fact, electrical fires were the leading cause of loss in 2018, according to Grinnell Mutual’s Special Investigations…
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