What is a Mutual Insurance Company?

And, why should you choose one?

You’ve probably seen many insurance companies that have “mutual” as part of their name. It’s not just a clever marketing word. There are specific rules all mutual insurance companies follow which separate them from other insurance companies. Choosing a mutual as your insurer offers many advantages:

In a mutual insurance company, members are owners.

If you’re a policyholder at a mutual, you’re a “member” and will remain one as long as you maintain your policies. Mutual insurance companies are privately held, which means members have a voice within the company. A Board of Directors is elected to speak on behalf of the   stockholders who have significant influence over the company’s direction. We believe the shared interest all members have in a mutual’s success means a more stable company that’s focused on long-term sustainability.

Thoughtful Coverage that puts members first. Always.

Since 1889 Redwood County Farmers Mutual Insurance Company has been a steadily growing company. The reason we’ve successfully remained in business is simple: During good times and bad, we place the needs of our members ahead of everything else. It’s why we offer diligent, carefully prepared policies and responsive, compassionate claims service. That’s what Thoughtful Coverage means.

How we help members get through even the toughest times.

As a member, when you pay your monthly premiums, you transfer your personal risk to us, and we cover you against the risks in your life. Pooling our members’ premiums gives us the money to pay for claims and pay our employees. Any money left over becomes surplus, and put into a reserve fund that helps get us through extraordinary circumstances like a very bad wildfire season or an unusually harsh winter.

Why we work with independent agents.

Like most mutuals, our products are exclusively offered through independent insurance agents. We’re proud to be represented by independent agents because they have deep connections to the communities they serve. They strive to do the right thing by their clients because they’re often friends and neighbors. You can count on an independent agent to be knowledgeable about the industry, present you with the right coverage for your needs, and build a long-term relationship with you.  Redwood County Mutual Farmers Insurance Company has agents in 20 different counties in the state of Minnesota.

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